The Shifu University platform was developed with the Student in mind. We realised, by studying some of the worlds most successful people from a vast range of areas, that there were common themes in their stories of success. We set out to provide a self-development system in which you can design, build and create your own way to Personal Mastery.

The first important lesson we learnt from the Masters that we studied, was that they had an insatiable appetite for learning. They craved knowledge and pursued such wisdom in impressive quantities.

Tony Robbins read 700 books in 7 years, all on Psychology, Physiology and anything that could make a difference in a person’s life. He has gone on to become the worlds most successful life coach on the planet.

Warren Buffet’s children call him a book on legs. In his own words “I would just sit in my office and read all day”. Warren Buffet is the worlds most successful value Investor, being worth over $50 Billion.

Oprah Winfrey has developed her own international book club and has said “Books were my path to personal freedom”.

We started realising that there was no convenient and quality website where one could find an extensive collection of the worlds best self development and success information. With the rise of the internet, we can now get access to online courses, webinars, YouTube channels, Kindle Books, Apps and millions of Blogs and Articles. Right at our fingertips.

We made it our mission to find the best of the best online information, in areas that cover all the bases of a well balanced and successful life.

To add to the value of our service, we offer 4 levels of coaching to help you with your journey. Start with a Free Consultation, where we can get to know you and show you some of the unique features on our platform.

Create your own path to personal freedom, get the help you need from our team, develop mastermind relationships with other students and start earning Zen Points while you study. Make enough Zen Points and you can receive plenty of Free resources and even some Money. It is all written into the Path you choose. So let us help you create the future you desire.

Enrol in Shifu University and get your Free Consultation, build your own study path with help from our Team, or browse the library and magazine with no obligations.


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